Internet Business Ideas - what's it all about?

There are almost limitless Internet business ideas for those of us who would like to do some or all of our work at home. The best thing I like about working on the Internet is that it can allow you to make a living in the traditional manner with a traditional job, and create passive revenue streams in our spare time at home.

Let's explore the reasons why you might want to get on the Internet with a website or blog, and see if some of the benefits strike your interest. Working on the web isn't for everyone, but there are a lot of compelling reasons to do so.

In the discussion below, when you find an area that you have interest in, click on the link and we'll dive into a little more discussion about the topic and how to approach it.

First, it's important to understand that just about anything is being sold on the web. Internet business ideas encompass services, products, advice, books and advertising. The Internet is a large and active marketplace.

Second, there are a great number of advantages for someone interested in Internet business ideas. Operating a work from home based business is just one of them. You can work at your own pace, work it as a part-time endeavor, enjoy the convenience of passive income, or make it serve as a supplemental source of income. And, it's all feasible with a small investment that you could make using a cash advance if you needed to.

Understand the advantages of having an on-line business instead of a "brick and mortar" presence. These type of businesses will be ever increasing in our world, and the opportunities to make a good living will also increase as tools and resources are further developed and refined.

Third, you also need to understand some of the drawbacks to an Internet business. It's different than a storefront, so you need to know what to expect so you can help yourself manage your expectations effectively before you dive in.

Last, but not least, you'll need a business strategy for your Internet endeavor much like you would any other business, simple because it's a real business that you're trying to build. Your strategy needs to address the focus or theme of your site, whether it will be a blog or a website, how to attract free Internet traffic and build visitor trust, and how to increase Internet traffic to your site. All this requires skills associated with creating a site and promoting it. It also centers on legitimate ways to please search engines, and the creation and implementation of a financial model to obtain return on your investment.

If you're wondering "what is a blog" or "what is a website", this would be a good time to get those questions answered before you continue.

As you build your strategy, you need to keep in mind that creating good quality content, identifying keywords for your content, building visitor trust, establishing a pleasant visitor experience, and having sufficient time in service are essential for success with any of the Internet business ideas. If you need to stay motivated on this journey, I suggest you simply think retirement as you work away on your web-based projects.

You'll also need to manage your expectations with respect to making money online. All is not a bed of roses. If you go into the endeavor with realistic expectations, you'll be less likely to be discouraged. The key is to create a real business, not a "hit and run" approach to making money.

The basic types of Internet business ideas that you might consider will encompass the following. As you review these, remember that you can combine these business models as you see fit to match your business plan.

  • Content rich information site. A place designed to provide solutions, recommendations, instructions and advice. Your customers will come there because you have answers and suggestions they're looking for. Here are my suggestions about how to write good content for both visitors and search engines.

    Money is made on these sites primarily through: per-click advertising where you're paid so much for each click on an advertisement; visitor impression advertising that pays so much per 1,000 visits to a page that contains advertising; sale of advertising links/space on your pages; and, donations from visitors that would like to support your fine efforts.

  • Platform for selling goods. This type of site allows you to offer your products or the products of others, or both.

    Money is made directly by selling your products, or indirectly through affiliate sales.

  • A referral site. This type of business models helps put your visitors in touch with product and service providers. You use your knowledge of the Internet to attract visitors that are looking for a particular product or service, and you bridge the gap between your visitors and "brick and mortar" businesses that provide those products and services.

    Money is made on the basis of each referral or each sale, or it could be set up on a flat fee basis each month. You become the information agent, instead of the hard goods sales person.

  • Affiliate sales site. A type of referral site whereby you advertise and provide links to products, and your visitor traffic is directed through ads and links to the product sales site.

    Money is made by automatically tracking sales through an affiliate sales program that provides a percentage of the sale back to you if the customer you directed buys a product (the one they were interested in, or another product) within a reasonable time, usually 30 days. Percentages of sales typically vary from 4% to 15%.

  • Agent or representative of another. This type of business involves you being the intermediary between web surfers looking for products and services, and businesses that provide those products and services.

    Money is made through commissions associated with sales, monthly retainer fees, and referral fees. You work the information angle, and the product or service is provided by others.

  • Combination site. Here is where you can combine information, referral services, affiliate sales and sales of your own products to visitors. This type of site provides an opportunity to cast a large net and provide a more full service site for your visitors.

    Money is made through: sales of advertising space and links; per click and per impression advertising; sales of products that you create; affiliate sales where you sell the products of others; and, referral fees, commissions and monthly fees from other product and service providers that you represent.

  • Website design and support. There are many out there that would like an Internet presence, but they don't know how to do it. A viable business for the Internet savvy is to provide a service whereby you create websites for others.

    Money is made by an hourly, per page or per website basis. Updating web content is usually done on an hourly basis.

Clearly there are many basic Internet business ideas that you can consider, and many variations are possible as well. The important thing to remember is that doing business on the web is different, but it uses some of the same features of traditional businesses, except it's on a computer screen instead of a storefront, brochure or showroom.

Use your imagination to see how you might make one of these Internet business ideas work for you with your particular areas of interest.

My approach to selecting and implementing Internet business ideas was to first determine what my interests and passions were, and then investigate how I might make those provide income for me. I'm happy to give you my recommendations of how to get started.

Good fortune to you as you explore the possibilities of Internet business ideas as a way of creating multiple revenue streams for your work from home business.

Done with Internet Business Ideas, take me Home

The only business you'll really ever be part of is your own.

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