Profiles of Small Business Success

Small business success is a sweet thing. You become part of the marketplace, you direct your own future and you enjoy the benefits of your small business ideas.

If you have ever thought about opening a small business, then this is a good place to see what others have done.

I'm comfortable with a home based business, but some people choose an enterprise that just can't be operated out of the home. They must have an office or other facility.

Some small businesses require a warehouse for their products and service vehicles, and more room for staff and equipment.

In addition to the need for more space, many small businesses need to be in the business district or a place of high visibility so they are noticed and conveniently located for their customers.

Let's take a look at these enterprises and see if we might walk away with some good small business ideas to consider. Each of the businesses below is a real enterprise that offers products and services to the marketplace.

We'll look at how they got started, what their typical day consists of, some of the challenges they have faced, and some of the rewards of the business. Let's get up close and personal with these businesses and see what they are all about.

It is my hope that after reviewing some of these enterprises, you'll see something that gives you small business ideas of your own.

Check back again as I will be adding more small business profiles for you to peruse.

If you want your small business ideas profiled here, see these frequently asked questions to learn about how to do it.

Done with Small Business Success, take me Home

The only business you'll really ever be part of is your own.

Wondering about what to do with your savings so inflation doesn't eat it up? Start your own enterprise. It's a good way to invest your capital and make it work for you. Who will be better at keeping an eye on your investment than you?